Translating the documentation

To make Axios accessible to as many people as possible, it is important that these docs can be read in all languages. We always appreciate anyone who wants to help translate the documentation. This guide provides instructions for adding a translation to this documentation.


Every translation is composed of a configuration file, {language-shortcut}.lang.js (for example, en.lang.js or de.lang.js) and the translated documentation files in posts/{language-shortcut}/*.md (for example posts/en or posts/de). {language-shortcut} should be replaced with your language's ISO 639-1 two-letter code.

Configuring your language

Registering the configuration

Once you've finished configuring your language and translating the phrases and links in the configuration file, you'll need to register it in the root configuration. To do this, open inert.config.js and add the following line near the top:

const {language-shortcut}Config = require('./{language-shortcut}.config.js');

Of course, remember to replace {language-shortuct} with the correct ISO 369-1 code (in the variable name, too!).

Now, look for the langs constant. If this constant is located above your require statement, move your require statement above it. To the langs list, add the following object:

const langs = [
    name: 'Some name that uniquely identifies your language, for example "English" or "German"',
    prefix: "The same prefix as in the configuration file",
    config: {language-shortcut}Config // The configuration object you imported earlier

Now, you can begin translating the files. Copy the folder posts/en into a new folder posts/{language-shortcut} and translate all the files (don't translate the filenames, of course).

If you hit any problems, feel free to create and issue.